1. Sperm Tester Maya - Diary - Day 1

    Well, today we’ve both been at work, and working our little bottoms off! I went to the gym this evening, so I feel pretty virtuous. Determined to fight the good fight against being thirty!

    Diet today? Both of us pretty healthy and veggie. No, we’re not vegetarians but we do eat a varied diet – everything from junk food to nuts, seeds, berries and pulses. Everything in moderation and a little of what you fancy is very definitely good for you. ;-)

    So… Foreplay…

    We ate dinner and relaxed for a while in front of the box and started kissing and stroking one another whilst we were sitting on the sofa. After a while, I’m sorry to say that we moved to the bedroom. I didn’t fancy kneeling on my scarred (car accident) knees on the living room carpet this evening. And the painters are in so… *sigh* We are a little limited. Well, I limit myself in that situation. BUT I promise we’ll try to be a little more creative later on in the month.

    So let’s get down to it.

    On the first day of this blog my sweetheart gave to me… What?

    Well, I think Shane found it really funny watching me perform a kind of wine-tasting exercise with his spunk after I gave him a blow-job this evening. And what did my baby’s love juice taste of?

    Hmmm. My unromantic comment (oh give me a break, you try and describe it! – er, mind you I see some of you have done just that…) was that it tasted like the smell of your saliva when you’re a kid and you’ve woken up in a pool of your own dribble. Not salty, not sweet… kind of a weird taste of something but in a neutral sort of way. I do, however, love the taste of his pre-come. ALWAYS. Even Shane likes the taste of his pre-come! Oh he’s never going to speak to me again when he reads this…

    Oh, by the way it’s really cool to see all those comments from people who love being so intimate with their partner! Refreshing. Oral sex is a really special gift. And it’s always so important to be encouraging with your partner in bed no matter what you or they are doing in bed as it’s really a time when people’s egos are laid bear… and I am sure that all the enthusiasm I have read in the comments people have left is giving people’s partners great vibes. God. I must sound like a sex therapist or something! Sorry.

    Anyway, I suppose I ought to go. I’ve taken a picture of our bed (where Shane received his BJ this evening) from the side of the room so you can also see my messy side of the bed! As well as the pictures of us doing an abseil for the RNIB – and me sh*teing it completely!

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    • maha basila: July 25, 2008 15:34
      I love semen at anytime. I have been swallowing since I was 14 and I am kind of addicted to it. What a lovely addiction. I do not intend to get a detox treatment. Swallowing semen is a treatment to anxiety. Try it girls and you will regret not having started a lot earlier.

      Maha Basila, NYC

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