1. Meet The Sperm Testers - Maya and Shane

    We were overwhelmed by the 2,500 Sperm Tester applications, so we've chosen another test couple. They've also agreed to donate a month of oral sex to the advancement of sexual science…

    Maya and Shane - sperm tester and sperm donorSperm tester: Maya (Maya is a swallower)

    Sperm donor: Shane

    Maya and Shane have been a couple for 21 months and say they have oral sex a couple of times a week.

    They have had oral sex in a remarkable number of places, including their kitchen, bathroom and lounge, as well as the front seat and back of their car, both stationary and while in motion. Crikey.

    Maya says they would be great Sperm Testers because "We love oral sex!" It really is that simple.

    Sperm Testing and Maya's intimate blow-by-blow online account of the trial will begin here on 12 September.

    Maya will post a diary message every day, with specially detailed posts describing the taste of Shane's natural emissions every time they have oral sex. A control sample will be taken to gauge Shane's natural level of saltiness before the effects of the Sweet Release test product.

    Comments (12)

    • hilary: September 08, 2006 20:09
      I am a 28 year old woman. I always take the permission of my boyfriend and beg him to allow me to come down on him. When he does, I kneel down, unzip him with my lips and catch his cock, insert it in my mouth until he cums. I swallow every drop and beg him for another chance. he is usually generous and swallows again. My advice to all the girls: It is so delicious and healthy, specially in the morning. If I wake up before my boyfriend does, I go down on him for my morning spoon of milk. It makes my day and it's actually the best part of waking up. I don't call him honey for nothing.
    • Mary hope: September 08, 2006 20:20
      I read Hilar's comments about her experience with swallowing her boyfriend's come. I must say that cum is always delicious, not just in the morning. My husband of 11 years never gave me a hard time to swallow his cum. I never had to beg. I join Hilary in offering advice to other women recommending they swallow cum regularly, it makes you feel so good. It's better than anything you've ever tasted. Besides, as a physician, I must also tell you that it's incredibly healthy and will help you reduce your risks for many types of cancers, particularly breast cancer.
      There's nothing, absolutely nothing more rewarding for any woman, than to swaalow her man's cum. Once you get hooked on it, you become addicted to it. It is of course a welcome addiction.
    • victoria: September 10, 2006 22:46
      I love this site. I tested my husband's sperm a long time ago and I now have it for breakfast 3 times a week and for after dinner desert twice a week. It may or may not be good for my health, but is most certainly delicious. It's more delicious than gin, scotch or vodka combined. I really pity any woman who has not had the priviledge of such a wonderful experience. I can't function normally without it. When my husband's cum hits my oral cavity, it gives me that incredible sensation of fullfillment. If he did not love so much, he would not waste his cum on me. I am always grateful for this wonderful opportunity that my husband gives me. I can't thank him enough for his generosity.I hope your boyfriends and husbands love you as much as they are willing to give you this generous gift.
    • tony: September 10, 2006 22:55
      Before I settled down with Sarah, my girlfriend of the past four years, I have had two occasions when a girl would spit rather than swallow my cum. I found it so offensive and demeaning that any woman would do a thing like this. I obviously never saw any of these two girls again.On the other hand, Sarah appreciates it so much and says she is honored that I grant her what my body works hard all day to make. " All precious things come in small quantities", she says everytime she swallows my ejaculate. I also love it when she thanks me for it and often asks for another dose.
    • roy: September 10, 2006 23:03
      My wife always cries after she eats my cum. The fist time that happened, I was worried and concerned. I immediately understood these to be tears of joy. She sucks me dry to the last drop as " This is too valuable to waste ", she always says. I love her so much and will never turn her down. There have been occasions when I was tired and exhausted, but I would always accomodate her needs and can't find it in my heart to say No.

      I really wish the same for all couples. If this is not love and happiness, then I do not know what to call it.

    • Stephanie: September 12, 2006 17:35
      I was reading all these comments while my husband was having his regular afternoon nap. I jumped on his bed, reached for his juicy dick, and in a split of a second, it was already in my mouth. He insisted on showering before I proceeded, but his request was denied. It did not take him long before he showered my mouth with the gift of life: Natural honey with an incredible taste. It felt like I was eating it for the very first time, when in actuality his cum has become my sedative and my anxiety relief nightly teaspoon.
      I am a good gourmet diner, but I must tell you, there is nothing like my husband's cum going through my throat and landing in my stomach. i love it, love it, love it.
    • The voice of reality: January 15, 2008 04:35
      The blog is FAKE. None of these are women saying this.
    • maha basila: July 19, 2008 08:48
      I do not understand why the voice of reality is claiming that the blog is fake. I think the woman claiming these comments are fake was never given the priviledge to swallow or even to have a penis melt in her mouth. She is living in total deprivation. Nothing in these comments suggests they are fake. The comments look, sound and are real indeed.

      I take pride in swallowing my boyfriend's cum on every possible occasion. The feeling is simply undescribable. You know what else? I feel the only purpose of my life is to please my boyfriend's dick and I am honored to do so. I am only praying I am doing a good job

    • maha basila: July 20, 2008 09:00
      I am addicted to cum and enjoy everything about it: Its sensation in my mouth, its taste and its great benefits. On the average, I fellate three times a week. It has become a weekly routine to do it, but more importantly, I enjoy it.
    • oussayma moukhachen: September 25, 2008 08:28
      I never had the chance to swallow semen on a regular basis, but I occasionally do when I get lucky. I rarely perform vaginal sex, I like to swallow. Semen from young men is a lot more delicious and naturally more abundant than that of older ones. I climax when my lover is ready to ejaculate. This is the moment when I feel fulfilled satisfying myself and my lover.
      Those women who do not swallow semen like I do are waisting their time. Swallowing is the best part of a blowjob.

      Oussayma Moukhachen

    • the other voice of reality: July 08, 2009 11:01
      This is hilarious! All of these "sperm is great!" comments were obviously written by the same person - each one is written in the same distinctive, oddly stilted style. A masterpiece of unintentional comedy. Thanks for the laugh :)
    • LoveHoney - Carly: July 08, 2009 11:51
      Actually, the blog is real. We contacted the testers ourselves, got sent photos and had a lot of direct contact with them.

      The comments may be from multiple or the same user but why does it matter? We had fun doing the blogs and finding our testers and now the project is over! People can comment as much as they like.

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