1. Holiday sex

    Hello, sex kittens! This is just a quickie to say I'm off to Mauritius on Sunday morning, so this is my last blog for this week. I will, however, be taking my laptop with me and I will update my site from the resort. Seriously, I can't wait to get out there.

    Because I'll be sunning myself on the beach all day and partying like mad in the nights, I have decided to take three erotic books with me and I will blog next week from Mauritius and let you know about each of them. It'll be like our very own sexy beach book club!

    So ciao for now, and I'll drop you a line next week to reveal some naughty snippets from the first of my dirty books. And, of course, to tell you of any holiday escapades!

    Comments (2)

    • Edward: January 03, 2007 04:35
      Hey Kitty. U came to my island and did not say anything... ;-)
      Hope u liked it here?
    • Bad kitty: January 05, 2007 13:51
      Hi Edward!

      I loved it, loved it! But I was rather naughty and created a fair bit of trouble... I don't think I'll be allowed back again!

      BK x x x