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  1. Shave your pubic hair!

    Forget politics, religion, sex or money. There's nothing like the topic of pubic hair to get a group discussion going. I was sitting in the pub at lunchtime with a few close work colleagues, and one of them brought up the subject of pubic hair. It's not something you usually chat about to a colleague over a packet of Quavers and a G n' T, but I had to admire her courage.

    Her problem is that, as with most boyfriends, her man wants her to shave off her pubic hair so that she is completely bald. Looking more than a bit petrified and not receiving much encouragement from the rest of our lunchtime group, I decided to 'fess up about my state of pubic play. I am completely shaven. You won't find one teeny-tiny little pube down there, my friends. I have a general dislike for pubic hair, and while it may be a natural occurrence, I have been known to lambaste many a lover for sporting some new kind of tropical plant. It's pure laziness to let things grow over down there. Sort it out!

    Going back to the pub discussion, after what seemed like an eon of everyone just sitting there, mouths open and secretly thinking I'm a slut for daring to shave off what God intended to grow on my mound, my troubled work colleague got down to the business of asking how one becomes hairless. Shave, wax, epilate (ouch!)… there are a few ways to go about creating your own pubic style but I prefer shaving everything off with a good old fashioned razor.

    I use Botanics Anti-bacterial Shave Gel and a King Of Shaves disposable lady shaver, but you can get all sorts of razors and shave creams these days from designer lines right through to a bar of soap and a Bic. Though let's be honest, who in their right mind would use a bog-standard Bic razor on the most sensitive part of a woman's body? Not me, that's for sure.

    When walking back to the office after lunch, my work colleague decided she would try out a 'landing strip' to begin with and see how it turns out. By all accounts her boyfriend is very excited, especially since she accepted his offer to let him do the shaving. I just hope he's got a steady hand!

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