1. Forbidden Flowers

    Buy Searching for Sex at LovehoneyI have just finished reading a brilliant and insightful book called Forbidden Flowers, by an exceptionally clever writer called Nancy Friday.

    Author of the international best-seller My Secret Garden, Nancy Friday excels in celebrating the freedom of female choice when it comes to sex and gives women a platform from which to talk about their sex lives, question their sexuality and to inspire other women to increase their own individual sexual awareness.

    In Forbidden Flowers, women speak openly about their individual erotic experiences, about their fantasies, relationships, sexual guilt and frustrations; about masturbation, S&M tendencies and sexual awakenings.

    Being completely honest with you, I would be hard-pushed to pick just one excerpt from this book to tell you about, because the entire book is a masterpiece and far more accessible than most I have read. You need to read this book for yourself. It will change the way you think about your sexual relationships. It has certainly made me look at my sexual life and sexual being in an entirely different way.

    There's no better way to sum up the power of Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers than by reading the Introduction written by a teenage girl called Mary, which talks about Nancy's first international best-seller My Secret Garden. Mary and most of the women set-free in Forbidden Flowers, write to Nancy in response to reading My Secret Garden and how it has changed their lives forever. And so, below you will be able to read the aforementioned Introduction to Nancy's magnificent Forbidden Flowers.

    The excerpt featured below is taken from Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers (available from Arrow Books).

    Dear Nancy:
    I finished your book this morning, and all I can say is Thank God someone opened my eyes to this aspect of human sexuality while I am still young enough to be just at the beginning of my sexual life. Your book has totally changed my way of thinking. I am seventeen and until a few months ago, had had intercourse with only one person – my boyfriend of two years. Perhaps that is why I have fantasized so much during our sessions. But whatever the reason, it always made me feel guilty, unfaithful, perverted – and I suppose this negative feeling about myself was another factor which kept me from enjoying sex with him.

    Reading My Secret Garden has shown me in the clearest terms that sex and fantasies are not something to be endured, but to be enjoyed. Your book has chopped years off the time it would have taken me to make those discoveries for myself. Thank you for allowing me to be reborn sexually before it was too late to change my beliefs, and before I got clogged down forever in sexual guilt.