1. Bad Kitty's Dirty Talk Show

    Hello sex kittens, I have something very interesting to tell you about: I'm going to launch my own talk show called Bad Kitty's Dirty Talk Show. ;-)

    Before I get carried away, I must say that it's not going to be a talk show in the traditional sense. It won't be broadcast on TV or Sky (not just yet, anyway ;-), nor will you hear it on the radio. But you will be able to access it right here on the blog.

    You won't actually see me interviewing people, because that would blow my secret guise, but you will be able to read each and every interview I run with loads of different sexperts. I'll be interviewing the coolest, most fanciable, most talented and most orgasm-inducing people connected with the sex industry. I'm talking about porn stars, erotic writers, sex toy makers and loads more!

    Now this is where you guys come in. I want you to post a comment below or email me at badkitty@dirtywords.co.uk over the next few weeks with your suggestions for who you would like me to interview. Ideally it will be anyone connected to the sex industry, be it porn stars such as the legendary Ron Jeremy, Ben Dover or Annabel Chong; or sex authors like Tracey Cox and Anne Hooper.

    Each time I manage to snag someone that you would love to read about, I will ask you guys to come up with your rudest, funniest, sexiest and most downright outrageous sex-related questions to grill them with.

    So let me know whom you want and what you're desperate to know about them, or what they do, and hopefully you will see them on my Dirty Talk Show very soon!