1. Finding lost orgasms

    Gorgeous ladies! If you're feeling a bit like Samantha Jones in that memorable episode of Sex And The City when she thought she had lost her orgasm, I can recommend a little something to get you back on track.

    I too have felt a little lack-luster from time to time; hectic work schedules have often left me too tired and too stressed out to bring myself to that marvelous place called Orgasm Central. It happens to all of us at least once, but that does not mean we have to put up with it. Losing your sex drive and dreading the thought of unfulfilling hanky panky with your partner is enough to make any woman feign a headache and catch an early night's sleep.

    But stop, because there is something you can use to give your horn-button a boost. If libido patches feel too conspicuous for you, get balmy instead with the Flower Power Lip Balm Orgasm Booster. It's not for your pouty puckers, but for your other set of luscious lips, and believe me it works! When it comes to plumping your vaginal lips and titillating your clit, you won't get better than this velvety goodness.

    With shear butter to plump and silken your lips, and peppermint to make them tingly and heightened to sexual stimulation, this pleasure pot of an orgasm booster will give your naughty spot a kick-start and get you back on your way to feeling like a sex superstar once again.

    Who says you have to wait for your lover to buy you 'flowers?'

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