1. Doctor Sex - open wide and say 'Oooh!'

    This may sound like a cliché, but I've always wanted to be fucked by a doctor. Every time I go for a check-up I look longingly at the examination table with its scratchy disposable paper and tartan blanket, and wonder what it would feel like for a sexy, well-built trainee doctor to strap my legs into those gynecological stirrups and have his wicked way with me.

    I would love a trainee doctor to order me to strip down to my underwear, put on one of those cotton examination gowns, then slowly pull down my silk panties and leave them on the floor. He would then tell me to lie down on the table and place my legs in the two examination stirrups. While asking me intimate questions about my sex life, he would slowly run his hand up my thigh, lifting the examination gown as he moved.

    Gently tracing his hands and fingers over the top of my thighs and abdomen, he would then work his way upwards and cup my breasts, spouting out the scientific term for each part of my body as his kissed and licked his way around… Femur, Sternum, Maxillae.

    After taking each of my nipples gently between his teeth, he would trace his wide wet tongue down to the centre of my body, stopping just above my pelvic area. He would then start fingering me, first with his index finger and then adding another, while his left hand traveled across my breasts and over my pursed lips; my mouth and tongue sucking his fingers one by one.

    Turning me on so much that my clit and vagina are awash with secretions, he would then insert his index finger into my anus while darting his index and second finger in and out of my dripping vagina. He would then start sucking my throbbing clit with his beautiful lips and lapping at my juices with his wide, flat tongue. Covering my clit completely with his expert mouth, he would push his tongue inside me, next to his fingers, while sucking my clit and interchanging it with his huge lapping tongue.

    Just before a body-jerking orgasm could consume me, my doctor would push his rock-hard penis inside me and fuck me so fast and hard that the examination table would shake with the erotic aggression. With me coming underneath him, calling him 'Doctor' and gripping at his white coat and nametag, he would then shove his vagina soaked penis in my mouth and fill me with his torrential orgasm.

    We would never repeat the incident again, unless I had a throat infection that needed to be treated with a special kind of lozenge…

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