1. Is it a bird... is it a plane? No, it's the Supergirl!

    Sitting in a packed cinema isn't everyone's idea of a good night out, even if it is to watch the new Superman movie. So if you're desperate for some superhero action but can't face the crowds at your local Odeon, partake of some sexual heroics of your own. And there's no move more masterful looking than the Supergirl.

    You don't need super hero powers to master this sexy position, but you do need some upper arm strength, a lot of confidence and a willingness to let your lover see your anus in all its glory! This position is just incredible for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation, and will make you and your partner explode with intense orgasmic rushes.

    I came twice with the Supergirl move when play wrestling – naked – with this guy I met in Soho a few weeks back; a Scottish engineer called Tommy. After a few hours in bed we strayed in to my living room to explore other possible places to fuck on and in, and that's when we came up with this move. So if you fancy rocking your man's world with just one single move, bring out your inner Supergirl like this…

    Make sure you and your lover apply a generous amount of lube to each other, ensuring you are both amazingly wet and slippery. Use either your sofa or chair (which should be firm and well padded) and stand behind it with your back to your lover. If your chair or sofa doesn't offer much padding on top, place a cushion on the back of the chair or sofa to protect your tummy.

    Next, lean forward so that your tummy is resting on the back of your chair or sofa and that you are well balanced to lift your legs off the ground. When you're ready, place your hands on the seat of the sofa or the arms of the chair, lean forward and lift your legs off the ground.

    With your lover standing behind you, enormous erection or lubed-up sex toy to the ready, open your legs as wide as you can while in mid-air and get your lover to enter you from behind.

    When you're feeling confident with this position and your lover is able to retain your balance by holding you around the waist, raise one arm in the air like Supergirl and pretend you are flying while your lover fucks you. Accessorize with gold boots and a red cape for the ultimate in role-play!