1. Searching for sex

    The only time I ever had a proper relationship was when I had just turned 18. It's not as though I was one of those girls who longed to be glued to the side of some inane, penniless prat just to have a boyfriend. It was more out of shame and fear that the previous two years had been consumed by a whirlwind of bar-hopping, bed-hopping, one-night stands, three-date screw-ups and more than my fair share of lesbian and threesome action. So I decided to take a step back and view life from the other side of the fence: as one half of a smug, happy, cuddly couple.

    Ollie was the other half. Four years older than me and fresh out of university, Ollie taught me things in bed that I felt sure I was going to burn in hell for. Anal sex while you piss in your boyfriend's best mate's mouth, anyone?

    But it didn't last long. After eight months of depraved sex and ferocious orgasms I became increasingly bored. You know the saying about too much of a good thing makes you sick, and the thought of quaffing down on Ollie's love juice made me feel more than a little queasy. Suffice to say, our relationship ended abruptly after he caught me using my electric toothbrush to work my clit and stimulate the outer rim of my ass. Fair enough, considering how I'd passed on sex for three weeks running due to a nasty 'thrush infection.'

    Being so young, I wasn't interested in working toward our relationship and turning it around. But I reasoned that after only eight months we shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. If I had read Searching For Sex by Emma Allen when I was still with Ollie, I'm sure her naughty words and explicit encounters would have inspired us and re-invigorated my lust for sex with Ollie.

    So if you're married, in a relationship and feeling a little bored with your lover – or even if you're a sexy new couple looking for some inspiration – take a tip from Emma Allen's characters Marianne, Kate and Peter, and get a hot playmate to eat you out on your dining table or kitchen work top while you partner watches, then let him fuck the both of you into oblivion!

    Searching For Sex by Emma Allen (XLibris)

    From: Searching For Sex

    Kate's body shuddered, a huge wave of pleasure coursing through it. Somewhere very distantly she heard the noise of a door being opened and closed very gently but was too involved to pay more than a second's fleeting attention to it. The initial impact of Marianne's mouth had forced her eyes closed and it was physically impossible to open them again. She knew that she was coming; that was all that mattered.

    'Don't stop,' she pleaded weakly.

    Marianne didn't. Her tongue began a relentless rhythm, moving up and down, touching every single nerve in her clitoris and making every one react. A hundred different tingling pleasures began to combine into one.
    Another noise. Louder. Nearer.

    Kate turned her head toward it but lost interest as a renewed wave of sensation washed over her.

    'Oh, God.' She was coming. She stretched her arms across the table and caught hold of the table edge, her fingers clutching at it for support as her body began to spasm. She felt her vagina clench but as she teetered on the brink, her orgasm no more than hairbreadth away, she felt Marianne's tongue falter momentarily and the angle of her mouth change, though it was still clamped firmly to Kate's sex.

    Kate struggled to open her eyes. Peter was standing behind his wife, a big erection jutting out from his shirttails, his trousers around his knees. He had pulled Marianne to her feet so she was bent over with her buttocks pointing back at him.

    'So this is what you get up to when I'm away,' he said with his teeth gritted. He took hold of her naked hips and pushed his cock up between her legs. Instantly Kate felt an explosion of hot air against her sex, as Marianne's silent exclamation bore testimony to her husband's searching penetration. Then, as Kate felt Peter's body battering into his wire, Marianne's tongue began to move again.

    It was an extraordinary sensation: she seemed to be able to feel Peter's cock through the medium of Marianne's body. Every stroke made Marianne's tongue tremble and her mouth melt. The heat was incredible. The sudden shock of Peter's presence, the erotic spectacle he presented and this new sensation all combined to send Kate hurtling into orgasm.
    Her body arched up off the table, every nerve and sinew strained with pleasure. She was screaming, too - a noise she did not recognise, strangulated and unearthly.

    'Did you dress her like this?' she heard Peter say before she had the energy to move

    'No. It was all her own idea.'

    Kate felt Marianne's mouth move away. She opened her eyes and saw the blonde come to stand at her side. Her lips were wet; she licked them with her tongue, then leant forward and kissed Kate delicately.

    'That was so good,' she said quietly.

    'I know.'

    'And what about this?' Peter added loudly. He hooked his hands under Kate's thighs, pulled them up to waist level, stepped between then and in one seamless movement drove his penis right up into Kate's soaking wet vagina.

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