1. Summertime... and the grass is wet!

    When I was 16 I had a major crush on a guy called Price. Looking back now, I can't understand why I went through many sleepless nights, reduced myself to fits of crying, starvation and general abuse of my parents credit cards to buy outfits that would hopefully make him notice me among the throng of other girls who fancied him. I just had this overwhelming need to be with him. You know what it's like when you're a teenager in lust.

    Every Friday night my friends and I would go drinking underneath this old iron bridge in our hometown, away from parents, police and general busy bodies who would gladly grass on us for underage drinking. Clubbing our minute amount of cash together for a flagon of the vilest and most potent cider we could get our hands on, we proceeded to get wasted on just a few swigs of White Lightning.

    Price was always hanging around with his group of mates. Generally known as the bad boys in town, every one of them had a reputation for fast living; even at such a young age. I don't know whether it was the fact that I was so hammered I was an easy target for him, or maybe he had x-ray vision and could see through my jeans and vest to the matching black lace underwear I had on underneath, but he actually came over and started talking to me.

    Being so drunk, I couldn't really make out what he was saying, but I remember giggling and whipping my hair seductively, until I lost my balance and toppled back onto my mate Anna. Unperturbed, Price helped me up and lead down the pebbled walkway that ran under the iron bridge and alongside the river. On the other side of the walkway was a field that backed on to a disused industrial estate, and my heart leapt. This was it, I was finally gonna have sex with Price – or kiss him at the very least. But he had way more on his mind than kissing, and I was up for anything he wanted.

    Being so young and consumed with teenage lust, it wasn't long before we were grabbing at each other's clothes and pulling ourselves down on to the grass while indulging in some truly horny kissing. After mistakenly snogging his cheek for what seemed like an eternity, price laughed and pushed me onto my back; pulling off my black jeans in one fell swoop (maybe he practiced on table clothes or something?).

    Within seconds his tongue was on my clit, and at first I found it hilarious, especially when he grappled with his tongue to pull out a blade of grass that had been caught between my legs during our drunken fumblings. But I soon got into it. His tongue felt like silk, and looking back now his fingers were way too experienced for his age. Before I even had a chance to come, Price whipped on a condom and pushed his cock inside me. It wasn't the biggest penis I'd ever had, and the condom felt about a mile thick, but he knew how to fuck. Grinding his cock up against the inside of my tight vaginal wall, I'd never felt so sexy and turned on.

    I think the grass in the field had been cut either that day or a few days previous, because by the time Price had filled his rubber with jizz we were both matted in blades of grass. I didn't orgasm with him that night, but I think it was partly down to being so drunk and partly because I fancied him so much.

    As we were collecting our breath and brushing the grass from our clammy limbs, I heard my friends walking towards us while calling my name. Panicking, I whipped up my panties and jeans with no regard for how much grass I'd scooped up at the same time.

    Thankfully, it was quite dark by the time our mates got to us, and we pretended to just sit there, talking. After swapping numbers with Price, I walked home with my mates. Well, I tried to walk, which was some feat considering I had half the field in my knickers. My mates grilled me about every detail of what happened during my alone time with Price, not believing a word of the "we just hung out" story I fed them.

    They seemed to buy it in the end, but my mum was much harder to convince after the multitude of grass stains she found on my clothes and the clumps of blades dotted all over my bedroom floor…

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