1. University of Spanking

    There's nothing hornier than a session of hanky spanky to punish an unruly lover! If you're fed up of your man paying more attention to the TV than you, or you're sick of watching your girlfriend get a bit too friendly with your rugby-playing mates, it's time to crack out the spanking paddle…

    If any of my lovers are naughty, I usually find that a good spanking of their bottom with my paddle will have them begging for forgiveness.

    Take Sasha, for example. She was a university fling I occasionally 'ate out' with during my first year in student halls. Every time we went for a meal, Sash would get incredibly naughty by the time we got to the desert course. I don't know whether it was an overwhelming craving for sweet food that tipped her over the edge, or maybe she was just one of those girls who got off on public displays of sexual intent, but Sash would get visibly horny when it came to choosing something sweet.

    It didn't matter where we were, what we had eaten or who we were with, Sash would always start squirming in her chair, trying to fondle me under the table with her shoeless feet and generally declaring to the entire restaurant exactly where she wanted to drizzle her white chocolate Belgian dip.

    Of course, such displays of deviant behaviour had to be punished!

    I half wondered whether Sash used to 'misbehave' just to have a good spanking when we got back to my dorm.

    I find that the best way to deal with wicked girls and boys is to put them in a submissive position from the off. Bending them – bare-bottomed – over your lap or draping them over your bed or kitchen table can be an incredible turn-on for both of you.

    They can't see what's happening, and you've got total control over the entire situation. If I'm using my paddle to dish out some erotic punishment, I always start off by briskly spanking my lover's thighs, then the fleshy clefts of their buttocks.

    I love to start out with some light, tantalizing spanks, spacing them out by a few seconds and each from a different angle so that my lover doesn't know when or where the next one will strike!

    A few golden rules before you rush out to buy your own paddle though, and those include never striking the front of your lover, especially not their face, and only spanking their cuddly, padded fleshy bits. Thighs and bums are ripe for spanking, but make sure you both agree on a Safety Word should things get out of hand.

    So remember, next time your lover doesn't play nicely, serve them detention and bend them over your knee!

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