1. Nothing better than lying in bed, naked... reading

    More Wicked WordsEver since I was a young girl, I could never get enough of leafing greedily through erotic stories and purring over real-life sexcapdes. For me, there was nothing better than lying in bed, naked, and reading about a man engorging a woman's clit with his expert mouth, or a woman being fucked relentlessly to the point where one smouldering orgasm blurred into another.

    I used to lie in bed, fantasizing about those erotic encounters and wondering how fantastic they would feel, while using my in-experienced hands to finger and touch my own clit and juicy lips.

    There's tons of excruciatingly horny short stories, dirty books and naughty tales I want to tell you about, so I'll start with one that makes me want to fuck hard every time I read it.

    Sometimes I get so horny while reading this passage that I can't get to the end; overwhelmed with the need to rub myself and thrust my trusty Jack Rabbit vibe deep inside my velvety enclave.

    What I love most about this passage from The Chef's Revenge (by Tabitha Flyte) is how the character, Tasha, loves to fuck like men: hard, selfish and with a desire to just 'shove it.'

    If you want to read this story in its entirety, you can find it among a tasty selection of erotic short stories compiled for More Wicked Words - An Erotic Story Collection (Black Lace).

    In the mean time, devour this passage and, whether you're alone or in the company of a lover, I defy you not to fuck in the nearest closet or stock room!

    The Chef's Revenge by Tabitha Flyte

    From: More Wicked Words – An Erotic Story Collection (Black Lace).

    'I just want to touch you.'

    'Don't,' he said, as he tried to back off, but she had him against the cupboard. She clamped her mouth over his stiff penis and it grew harder.

    'Please leave me alone,' he begged, and she knew this was the final pleading, the boyish one that no woman could resist. She knew what it meant, though. She knew what was best for him. She licked up and down his velvety shaft, flicking the foreskin back and forwards. She made the head slimy with her lips and she dug deep with her searching tongue.

    'Stop it,' he hissed weakly, but his cook's cock in her mouth screamed otherwise. A small white tear, like icing, escaped from the peak of the shaft. For a fleeting moment, she was disappointed that he didn't fight anymore.
    She smuggled her hand down her own underwear. She felt her wetness, found her path to her own throbbing clit. She forgot the world outside the stockroom, her friends waiting for her story, the chefs working hard with their chopping and frying. She concentrated on his prick, its silky softness encasing the hard burning torch, and on her cunt, too.

    She hitched up her skirt, stepped out of her knickers and stood upright. She maneuvered him inside her sex. He gave a soft sigh but didn't say anything. She had to do all the work; he was completely passive, like a bystander. She liked that. She was like a big, hard man, putting selfish pleasure before anything. She wished she were a man sometimes: she liked to fuck the way men fuck. It was surely more exciting to give it, ram it, shag them stupid.

    His penis slid obediently in place. She was good at this, making the transition smooth, and he filled her up completely. She moved furiously, forcing up and down so that her clitoris rubbed against his prick. His hot shaft made her breathless. He was pressed up her, her skirt was up around her waist and her knees were worshiping the wall. Don't tell her he didn't want this too! She rotated her hips rhythmically, feeling the awesome melting inside her. Let go, Carter, she thought.

    'Fuck me,' she spat at him, and then his manly hand was over her mouth, shushing her. There were people in the kitchen, judges in the restaurant, stars to be collected: don't forget that. She railed against his body. Her cunt was contracting, her sex vibrating and she smashed against him, demanding friction for her teetering clit.
    'Yes, you cunt, yes.'

    When she had finished her orgasm and her shaking had subsided, she re-inserted him into her mouth… She could taste her sex on him. She sucked powerfully and fed him as far as he would go inside her cheeks. Then she felt him spout egg white inside her jaw. The fountain of pleasure was familiar, yet exquisitely different each time. And his convulsions were wonderful, as though he were dancing inside her body.

    'Oh, fuck!' The oven, the eggs,' he yelled, racing out of the stockroom. They weren't the kind of post-coital sweet-nothings she usually got.

    From: More Wicked Words – An Erotic Story Collection (Black Lace).

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