1. Lovehoney cuts condom prices - thanks Gordon!

    God bless Gordon Brown! Safe sex got a boost on 1 July when the Chancellor of the Exchequer reduced the rate of VAT on condoms. We cut our condom prices immediately to let customers enjoy the benefit of a rare New Labour tax cut.

    On 1 July, VAT on condoms was reduced from 17.5% to 5%, so the retail price of condoms online and in the high street should come down by more than 10%. But watch out - not many online retailers have responded by reducing prices.

    Lovehoney sells condoms from major manufacturers including Durex, Mates and Trojan.

    A pack of Durex Performa delay condoms now costs just £7.09 on Lovehoney, a saving of £1.84 on the new Durex recommend retail price of £8.93.

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