1. Erotic Fiction Gets More Explicit

    A recent article in the Detroit News describes how erotic fiction, very much the preserve of women, is becoming far more explicit

    Once banished to an underground following, erotica - a rather girly term for written porn - has finally hit the big time.

    "It used to be with romances they would kiss and go into the bedroom, and then it would then be the next morning and they'd be eating eggs," said Jesse Petersen, who co-wrote the erotica book "Scandalous" under the name "Jenna Petersen." "But more and more, readers want to read about what really goes on in the bedroom when the door closes."

    Sure, women have devoured for decades those Fabio-inspired summer romance reads featuring deep sighs, heaving bosoms, faces "flushed with desire." But this latest line doesn't shy away from explicit details and X-rated dirty talk - in fact, it revels in it.

    "If it creates an image and you are aroused, it works," said Lisa Wade, 50, who enjoys reading this type of fiction. "It's like foreplay. And if the writer can create an image in our head, it's effective."

    The power of writing is far more enticing for women when it comes to sex, experts say. From fervent love letters to X-rated e-books, many women are more comfortable creating their own sexual fantasy than having it in living, close-up color in porn flicks or raunchy magazines. And it's not exploitative to women - just words on a page. [read more]

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