1. New sex toy review - CB3000 Male Chastity Kit

    Another great review from Orgasm Army!

    The CB 3000 is an excellent training tool for any wife to use on her husband to encourage good habits and/or punish bad ones. I introduced it to my wife about 6 months ago just for short-term play, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

    I have a very stressful, high-profile, professional job in the finance business and needed to get my mind off things. Being the 'vanilla sex type', my wife was reluctant to try it at first; thinking it was way too kinky. Then, after a few trial runs with it on for longer periods each time, she really learned to like it because of all of the new attention I was giving her. Actually, she likes it a little too much! It's starting to scare me (in a good way)…"

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