1. Sperm Tester Wanted - Lovehoney launches unique job search

    We're advertising what could be the most unusual job ever. The company is searching for a sexually active couple who will be prepared to test a new pill designed to change the taste of semen.

    The pill, which is taken as a twice-a-day for 30 days, claims to mask the traditionally salty taste of male ejaculate with a refreshing apple-like flavour. Successful applicants will take the pill for 30 days and will use an online blog to provide a blow-by-blow account of how the taste of their partner's sexual fluid changes.

    "A payment is offered," says Lovehoney test organiser Ali Carnegie, "But this is really a job that people should do for love rather than money."

    Couples who are interested in the position can apply by completing the Sperm Tester application form on the Lovehoney Web site.

    The test product is 100% vegetarian. Both straight and gay couples can apply.

    Comments (5)

    • FuNMoNsTeR: June 29, 2006 11:33
      I would love to sign up for the trial but my wife says i am just a little squirt :D
    • Joe Blogs: June 29, 2006 14:43
      Adam & Piotrish here, we really wanna try this.
      Cant believe we'd get paid for it too!
    • louise: June 30, 2006 11:54
      Would it change the taste of female ejaculate, if so my partner Polly and I would be more than happy to test it out for free?
    • Rutty: June 30, 2006 12:35
      Can I watch Polly and Louise product test the female product while tasting the the Male product I would eventually produce. Any chance of bacon butty flavoured product.
    • Nicola Baran: September 01, 2012 20:56
      Myself and my partner would love to be part of this trial if not just for curiosity alone. Please could you let me know further details so that would could be in other trails. We would also be interested in other product test / trials.

      Thank you

      Ad & Nic