1. Vibrating Rings Give Better Orgasms

    The New York Post give a thumbs up for Trojan's Vibrating Ring, saying it helps women get a lot more pleasure in the bedroom and works well with a condom too. Here's a bit of their in-depth review of the Trojan Vibrating Ring:

    Only about 30 percent of women reach the big O during sexual intercourse, the majority requiring more creative forms of stimulation to climax.

    Last fall, the company introduced the Vibrating Condom Ring. (Competitors like Durex have recently done the same.) It is a prophylactic-cum-sex toy devised for protection and to enhance his and especially her pleasure during the act of coupling.

    As a self-proclaimed torchbearer of female libidinal gratification, I believe this revved-up condom represents a milestone in women's sexual history. Because Trojan is the country's leading condom manufacturer, the arrival of the Vibrating Condom Ring - now carried by mass retailers like Duane Reade, CVS and Kmart - means that a woman's coital satisfaction is no longer regarded by the mainstream as subordinate to a man's.

    "Female sexuality is out in the open and the message is, 'Take control of your sexuality,'" said David A. Johnson, group product manager at Trojan, noting that more than 40 percent of condom buyers are women, a market that is expanding and one the company is specifically targeting. "Adding a vibrator to a condom is a way that both parties can achieve pleasure at the same time. It adds spice to the bedroom. It's a known fact that vibrators do help women achieve better and more powerful orgasms."

    And if you don't believe them, you can head over to Orgasm Army and read lots of reviews by sex toy users about the best vibrating rings and all sorts of other fantastic gizmos to make your sex life go wild.

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