1. Sex And The City Tours

    While Sex And The City may have come to an end over two years ago, tours of Carrie and Co's favourite haunts in New York City are still flourishing. New Zealand's Stuff magazine explains:

    "We thought that this tour would have a life of three years after the show but it looks like it will be more," tour organiser Georgette Blau says.

    About 900 people a week take the trip, she says, with New Yorkers making up about 10 per cent of that figure.

    "New York is the show's fifth lady and people feel they need to see that." Another reason for the tour's survival, adds Blau, is withdrawal. "The sales almost tripled when the show ended. People are upset the show is gone," she says.

    As the bus passes through West Village, we stop at the Pleasure Chest - a sex toy shop - where Charlotte bought her famed "rabbit" vibrator."

    If you can't make it to New York, we can bring a little bit of Sex And The City to you - and the most pleasurable bits to boot. We have Charlotte's rabbit vibrator, natch, but we also have the Love Swing that Samantha used to for gravity-defying whoopee. Put the two together and it could mean stratospheric sex…

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