1. World Cup Sex Toys!

    The Big Kick Off is not far away and Lovehoney is already getting all patriotic with our very own World Cup England Victory Vibe - Come On England! It's already been shown off in The Sun and it's guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your partner whatever happens during the game. And with Rooney injured, we can do with all the smiles we can get…

    But the England Victory Vibe is not the only World Cup goody that Ms Honey has stashed in her knickers - we've got Come On England G-Strings and Come On England Posing Pouches too, plus the Come On England Candy Bra for half time snacks. And if you're taking to the terraces, you can sport a St George England World Cup Glitter Cowboy Hat and a St George World Cup Feather Boa too, while keeping some World Cup Durex Condoms handily stashed in case you meet someone special during the game.

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