1. Atomic Condoms!

    So we're in the middle of National Condom Week and Liz McClarnon out of Atomic Kitten has been fronting a new Durex campaign to promote safe sex. Brand Republic reports:

    McClarnon will be appearing on 'GMTV' in the UK and 'The Late Late Show' in Ireland to promote the use of condoms and encourage young women to insist their partners wear protection, as part of the "He says, you say" summer-long campaign.

    The drive, which launches today, will be supported on TheSite.org -- the YouthNet website, which offers information, advice and guidance for 16- to 24-year-olds.

    There's also a very clever website that's been launched called HeSaysYouSay.co.uk where you can hear all the crappy excuses blokes try and come up with for not using a condom - and gives you pithy retorts to make sure he gets rubberised if he wants any fun. You'll never be a loss for words again!

    And of course, Lovehoney can help out with all your condom needs - jiffies delivered to your door in a jiffy!

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