1. It's National Condom Week in the UK!

    This week is National Condom Week in the UK - time to treat yourself to a whole new ensemble of new condom styles and see what suits you, sir.

    As if you needed any reminding, safe sex is the best sex - more fun, less stress, no unwanted pregnancies, no sexually transmitted diseases - brilliant!

    Wear a condom everytime, learn clever tricks to put it on so you'll impress your partner and get them even more revved up than before, and have a go using different types of condoms - there are literally hundreds of makes, shapes and sizes available that can greatly enhance the amount of fun you have.

    Make sure you always carry a stash with you too - you never know what might happen…
    You could also memorise some of the scores of rhyming condom slogans you'll find here to make someone you fancy crack a smile - we're particularly fond of "You can't go wrong, if you shield your dong" and "Don't be a fool, vulcanize your tool", except the last one makes us think of Dr Spock which is just…wrong.

    Naturally we have got a huge range of condoms available here at Lovehoney: make him last longer with delay condoms, have bigger thrills with contoured condoms or have a lip-smacking sex with our flavoured condoms.
    Durex also do a whole range of sexcellent delay lubes and personal massagers in their Durex Play range if you want something extra to go alongside your collection of condoms.

    And… you're not going to believe this but this week is not only National Condom Week but also National Balloon Week. We kid you not. Look, the BBC says so and everything. Clearly someone has got a sense of humour. It also means you can legitimately blow up condoms in bars and restaurants and let them off, which has to be a bonus. Just don't get carried away so you've got none left for later…