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  1. Women Think About Sex More Than Men

    Well, quelle surprise: women are more randy than blokes. As NewKarala reports: "If you thought that men were the only creatures with sex on their minds everyday, well then it’s time to think again, for a new survey has found that women spend 30 minutes more than them every day thinking about it too.
    The survey, of 4,000 Brits by internet giant, found that while men think about sex 150 minutes in every 24 hours, women on the other hand, spend 180 minutes per day thinking about getting hot and heavy.
    A spokesman for the firm said that contrary to old stereotypes, men were not so sex hungry after all."
    Which is all the more reason why you need to buy him some Better Sex For Boys books so he'll know exactly what to do to keep you coming back for more…

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