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  1. Sex positions - let's do it standing up!

    B Magazine has a recipe for sexual success this month, recommending that couples add some spice by having sex standing up. Apparently, being held up by your man helps increase blood flow to the parts that matter, giving you faster and more intense orgasms, which is only to be applauded, we think.

    The mag recommends giving nature some assistance by using a Mates Intensify Vibrating Condom Ring to deliver some pre-sex stimulation.

    "If your man's a lot taller or a lot smaller than you, have sex on the stairs to even out the height difference," adds sexpert Sarah Hedley. "Or stand and get your man to kneel in front of you and give you oral sex."

    Try it on the escalator next time you're in Marks and Sparks… And if you're after some even more adventurous positions, have a look at the Pocket Kama Sutra.

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