1. Toronto Gets Sex Toy Education

    DNA India: "For those who’ve never heard terms like the jumpin ‘n’ dancing Rabbit Habit or a designer dildo, let alone have close encounters with them — help comes in the form of Manjeet Birk, who takes pride in being a sexual health educator, giving a hand to women of colour wanting to explore and rediscover their “sexuality.” Toying with the idea of bringing taboo subjects out into the open, Manjeet lends her expertise to women of varied origins and sexual orientations at “Good for Her,” a Toronto-based store celebrating women's sexuality in a unique way.

    Tucked away in a discreet cornerstone in the city's downtown area —amazement, shock, bewilderment are some of the emotions that may run through an average South Asian's mind while rummaging through the contents of the store. A wide range of stimulators, vibrators, massagers and such leave little to the imagination. As pink fluffy undergarments peek from a corner of the store and several books on erotica and sexual ecstasy wink in wanton display — magic potions, soothing gels and bath oils and other sensuous tools beg for reckless attention. And, Manjeet gives it to them in abundance." [Read the full story]