1. University Of Sex

    If only it'd been like this when we were at college… Time magazine has a big article about "Sex In The Syllabus", detailing the arrival of porn onto university undergraduate courses in the USA.

    It's called the porn curriculum, and it's quietly taking root in the ivory tower. A small but growing number of scholars are probing the aesthetic, societal and philosophical properties of smut in academic departments ranging from literature to film, law to technology, anthropology to women's studies. Those specialists argue that graphic sexual imagery has become ubiquitous in society, so it's almost irresponsible not to teach young people how to deal with it. "I was amazed by how much the students knew about pornography but how little they knew how to think about it," says Jay Clarkson, a graduate student in communications who introduced the University of Iowa's Pornography in Popular Culture class last fall. But although Clarkson and his peers may agree that porn studies have a place in the curriculum, they are divided over how far professors should go in teaching them. Do students really need to watch a couple copulating onscreen to understand why pornography turns people on? Or does a stimulating essay on the nature of desire provide just as much if not more insight?

    There's definitely a lot of interesting stuff going on behind the scenes of porn - but we're not so sure students will be thinking about that when they're watching it.

    For porn from a female point of you, check out the Anna Span range of DVDs which have been making waves recently as adult entertainment that's a lot better than the usual unimaginative hairy-bummed stuff.

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