1. Mississippi Continues To Ban Sex Toys

    Florida might be getting its sex toys stolen, but at least it's legal to buy them there. In the state of Mississippi, just a couple of states across from the sunshine state, state judges have recently reinforced the law that says the sale of sex toys in Mississippi is illegal.

    A federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of lawsuit filed by a Rankin County adult store, which challenged the constitutionality of a Mississippi law that bans the sale of sex toys.
    The lawsuit was brought by Romantic Adventures, owned by HCH Corp., in federal court in 2004 after two of its employees were charged in violation of the law and its sexual devices were seized. The misdemeanor charges were filed in 2002 in Rankin County Justice Court. Proceedings in the justice court were postponed while the federal case continued.

    HCH Corp. contended the state law violated freedom speech and privacy rights and other constitutional issues. [read the full story at the Clarion Ledger]

    I wonder if it's illegal for Mississippians to buy sex toys online from a store located in another state - like our US friends at Toys In Babeland - and get them shipped to their homes? They're definitely in need of a Relief Fund…