1. $1500 Of Sex Toys Stolen At Convention

    Channel Cincinnati has the scoop on dastardly thieves making off with $1500 worth of sex toys from a Florida convention.

    The victims were three women who were selling the toys at the Southeastern Erotic Cultural Conference. "They told police that someone took two pairs of leather and metal bondage suspension cuffs, a 28-inch-long leather whip, bath salts, rainbow pot holders and an electrical stimulation device."

    We're wondering what they're going to get up to with those… and we're also wondering quite how much the ladies were charging per item - it seems like not much stuff to ring up an (unpaid) bill of $1500. Maybe it was all super deluxe toys. Either way, we sincerely hope they find who did it and they get properly compensated for it too.

    Lovehoney has its own vault of bedroom bondage goodies securely tucked away…

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