1. Denmark's Little Mermaid Adorned With Sex Toys

    Something very peculiar is going on in Denmark - "In what took locals by surprise, the national symbol of Denmark, the Little Mermaid sculpture perched on a rock overlooking the Copenhagen port, was splattered with green paint by vandals and adorned with a dildo, according to local police.

    Investigators have "no leads on the perpetrators of the act … which took place early on Wednesday," he adds.The vandals scrawled "8 marts" across the rock on which the Little Mermaid sits, marking the date in Danish of International Women's Day which was celebrated around the world on Wednesday." [Read the full story at All Headline News]

    Obviously Lovehoney doesn't condone such rum behaviour towards national monuments, but we're left scratching our heads as to what the point of it was. Some sort of feminist protest? A dildo liberation front action? Most odd.