1. Luxury Sex Toys: Jimmyjane

    We were talking about Lovehoney's growing collection of luxury sex toys the other day - and it's clearly a market that's only going to get bigger. There's a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle about Jimmyjane, a new company in the States making luxury sex toys and proving to be a big hit with discerning customers.

    Consider Jimmyjane's signature product, A Little Something, a cigar-size noise-free vibrator that in its 24k Little Gold top-selling incarnation gives the phrase "silence is golden" a whole new meaning. Little Gold is gorgeous - an object that, when held, makes one gasp not just with sexual portent, but with appreciation for its flawless design. If Antiques Roadshow is around in 100 years, appraisers will cluck over Great Grandma's special edition Little Gold.

    Should the $250 Little Gold strike a shopper as a little gaudy (it is, a Jimmyjane staffer concedes, a bit J.Lo), there are other options. Upscale, the more Grace Kelley-esque $400 Little Platinum gleams with understated elegance; downscale, in the rocker chick/Angelina Jolie aesthetic, the more industrial looking Little Steel retails for $195. For those willing to pay more for laser engraving on Little Steel: Consider the birds and bees version, bedecked with hummingbirds and bees trundling toward a flower with a prominent stamen, or the vanitas version, etched with skulls and butterflies in homage to paintings of 17th century Northern Europe that meditated on the fleeting nature of life's pleasures including, perhaps, la petite mort.

    Coo. Maybe we should get some of these so people on the other side of the pond can enjoy them as well.

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