1. Confessions Of A Sex Store Clerk

    Alternet carries an interesting article from Liz Langley about her time working at our USA friends Good Vibrations, a adult toy shop in Orlando, Florida.

    I expected entertainment (finding film titles like "Dawson's Crack"), but I hadn't anticipated seeing sales associates who really helped their customers in that meaningful way normally associated with teachers or doctors.

    "That's why we work here. To make the world a better place," says Jo-El Schult, an assistant manager and SESA (sex educator sales associate) at the Good Vibrations retail store in Berkeley, Calif.

    If Schult's assertion seems too ambitious, think again. Sex is significant, and its quality or crappiness can make people happy campers or miserable bastards. We've all thought about some poor jerk, "S/he needs to get laid," but what if the problem is actually that they're not quite sure what they're doing once they get there? [Read the fulls story]

    Amen to that. Here at Lovehoney we've obviously got a lot of fun toys for you to play with to enjoy by yourself and with a partner too - but we've also got our sex toy buying guides so you can figure out what goes where and what you're interested in. You can shop confidentially online and have the goodies delivered discreetly to your door. No one else need ever know. Except for the big smile on your face…

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