1. Sex is The Number One Priority In Life, Says Psychiatrist

    "Sitting in his office between a sculpture of a penis and a pile of pornographic magazines, psychiatrist Ng Man-lun says he is on a mission to elevate sex to the realm of art and culture.

    The Hong Kong professor, who says the magazines are officially teaching tools but "sometimes for my own entertainment", is behind the territory's first sex festival and hopes the week-long event will break down taboos on the issue.

    Known here as Doctor Sex, Ng says he hopes the Sex Cultural Festival that kicks off on Sunday will change the way people in Hong Kong view the subject.

    Putting sex at the bottom of their list of priorities and having the wrong attitude about sex are partly to blame, Ng says.

    "Some people think sex is for making babies. They don't think about how to satisfy their partners or even themselves, what methods to take, the frequency and realise the relationship between sex and love," he says.

    "I put sex as the number one priority in my life. It can improve your life, makes you happier, gives you more energy. Money is not that important if your wife leaves you or your kids run away," he says." [Read the full article

    And indeed, the Hong Kong people need Dr Ng's love - Durex's recent survey discovered they only get it on 78 times a year, compared with over a 100 times a year on average. Looks like there's a lot to learn. Check our better sex books if you're interested in expanding your naughty horizons…

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