1. Brazil Revellers Get Breath Freshener Spray

    As well as having 25 million condoms donated by the Brazilian government during the Carnival season, San Paulo and Salvador revellers will be able to be extra sweet to any one they smooch with a new germ-killing mouthspray. "Serial kissers at Brazil's racy Carnival parades can now swap saliva with even more revellers thanks to a mouth spray designed to fight germs, just one of many weird products companies have launched to profit from traditionally libidinous revelry.

    The spray was launched by a local company for Carnival celebrations this weekend in Salvador, the heart of Brazil's African culture, and Sao Paulo, its biggest city. French kissing among strangers is rife during Carnival.

    Its slogan was "Kiss a lot, kiss pleasurably, kiss safe." "[Read the full story at Reuters].

    It's always good to make sure you're freshened up before any amorous encounters, although it's the blokes who are the ones that usually need to take that advice rather than the girls. If you don't like everyone in your local chemist knowing your business, you can always shop online at our sister site BuyNotShy.co.uk - we've got lots of feminine care products and Male Hygiene products you can wave under your loved one's nose if he's in need of it.

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