1. Je Joue - The Ultimate Luxury For Girls

    Now, we're all for pampering, but Je Joue is a whole new level of bling when it comes to self-pleasure. The ultimate in personal gratification, the Je Joue massager is the most creative and satisfying sex toy ever designed. It quivers, glides and swirls over your most sensitive areas in patterns of infinitely variable thrilling vibrations.

    The Je Joue handset is supplied with three changeable pleasure pads that deliver different thrilling sensations.

    The pleasure pad can slide, swirl, tease, tantalise and shake, with the movements controlled by the PleasureWare software supplied - program your own pleasure patterns!

    Je Joue connects to your computer (PC or Mac) with PleasureWare software so you can design your own Pleasure Grooves. Download them to the handset with the USB cable supplied and prepare for bliss.

    This could well be the ultimate Valentine's present - either from a boy who really cares (because the £200+ price tag will take some definite commitment) or, of course, just to yourself. Because, as they say, you're worth it.

    If Je Joue is out of your budget range, you can still get your pleasure grooves with the iBuzz

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