1. Giant Squid Like A Big Bite During Sex

    Ladies! If you're fond of giving love bites but your partner finds you a bit too tiger-like sometimes, tell them to ponder the mating rituals of giant squid and consider themselves lucky.

    "New Zealand based marine biologist Steve O'Shea says giant squid have some bizarre mating methods.

    He says the creatures do not mean to eat each other but the females accidentally bite bits off of the males during mating.

    "It's not intentional cannibalism, it's certainly inadvertent," he said." [Read the full story at UnderwaterTimes.com]

    We have, naturally, a whole bunch of edible sex items - like the Edible Bra, Edible Thong and Edible Undies, plus Erotic Edible Body Powder and lots of other Rude Food. That should stop you acting like an overly-large horny cephalopod.

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