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  1. More Than Half Of Britain Owns Sex Toys

    It's official. Sex toys are the new rock'n'roll. Life Style Extra reports that "Sex mad Brits have blown their supposedly prudish image with two-thirds watching porn with their partners while over half own sex toys, according to a new poll.

    The sexy survey revealed that the majority of couples today indulge their fantasies and enjoy the pleasures of the adult entertainment industry.

    Researchers found that 69 per cent of adults are willing to give approval to the porn industry with 58 per cent actually owning sex toys, erotic films or magazines."

    The report goes on to say: "Monogamy is not high on the fantasy wish list of most as the survey also reports that the UK’s top three sexual fantasies are threesomes, sex with a stranger and the tricky task of getting it on while skydiving".

    Just nipping out to get some parachutes in stock…

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