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  1. Kama Sutra Virus: Make Sure You Don't Get It

    There's a new computer virus going round called variously the Kama Sutra virus or the Nymex virus. As the Boston Herald explains: "It’s named after the Kama Sutra, a Hindu manual of erotic love, but it won’t be making whoopee with computers today. The latest computer virus — its various names include Kama Sutra and Nyxem — does reproduce though, and that’s how it stands to potentially wipe out information and programs from millions of computers today. Kama Sutra is a mass-mailing worm that people unknowingly welcome into their computers by clicking on malicious links or opening malicious attached files, tempted by infected e-mails with subject lines that include “School girl fantasies gone bad” or “*Hot Movie*” or the seemingly innocuous “ebook.pdf” or “My photos.” "

    Basically - don't open any email attachments unless you are absolutely sure what they are, even if they are from someone else at work. If you want the real Kama Sutra, we've got it, along with scores of other better sex books.

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