1. Sexual Injuries

    Sex can be a bit dangerous for your health, according to Scotland's Daily Record: "One in three people say they regularly suffer injuries during sex. And carpet burns have left two in five aching after a night of passion, according to a survey for sex shop chain Ann Summers. One in 10 have made an insurance claim after wrecking furniture as they canoodled with a lover. A third caused some I damage to their home -I but most are too red-faced to make a claim. The bedroom is where I most mishaps occur - with people knocking over lamps, pulling down curtains, smashing vases and breaking beds - said the poll of 2000 people." [Read the full story]. Wonder if we should do a similar poll amongst our multitude of Orgasm Army sex toy reviewers for injuries of passion sustained while using sex toys? (OA is still getting ready to be unveiled, and you can still sign up if you fancy being a sex toy reviewer…)

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