1. TV sex expert Tracey Cox launches sex toy range for Valentine's Day

    Lovehoney is extremely pleased to announce we are the exclusive online retailers of the official Tracey Cox sex toy range. Tracey has personally selected top quality vibrators, lubes and gifts to go alongside her bestselling better sex books Hot Sex , Super Sex and The Sex Inspectors Masterclass to make sure you have maximum fun. You can buy the complete range of Tracey Cox's toys online at Lovehoney.

    Having helped millions of people with their relationships through TV shows and books, bestselling sex author Tracey Cox is helping Supersex the UK's love lives with her own range of sex toys and personal lubricants.

    The Tracey Cox Supersex range is designed to help singles satisfy themselves solo and for couples to have exceptional sex. Guaranteed to appeal to first time buyers and more experienced consumers alike, the products are sleek, stylish and come with the seal of approval from the UK's leading sex and relationship expert.

    The range consists of four toys and two lubes: the Supersex Rabbit (the quietest rabbit ever made), the Supersex Pleasure Vibe (perfectly handbag-sized), the Supersex Finger Tingler and Supersex Love Ring (supplied in stylish sachets that easily pass as designer condoms), and the two lubes - Supersex Love Lube and Supersex Silicone Luxury Lube.

    "They're stylish, simple, spectacularly effective products - and they're not expensive," says Tracey. "The aim is to provide a way for couples to experience intense, immense orgasms regularly - both solo and together. They also help solve the age-old dilemma of how to get her to orgasm through penetration, since 70 to 80% of women currently don't."

    "It's not a sign of desperation to own a vibrator - it's a sign of having a rich, full sex life," continues Tracey. "And it keeps you looking good as well. Masturbating releases tension, improves circulation and makes our skin glow. It's like a vitamin pill except a lot more fun!"

    The Tracey Cox Supersex range is available exclusively from Lovehoney

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