1. Japanese Sex Toys!

    The Japanese have always been at the forefront of inventing life-enhancing technlogies - and the new Japanese-inspired Vibratex range that we've just started stocking at Lovehoney is no exception. These toys are super sexy and beautifully crafted too - form meets function meets fun!

    Pictured is the Vibratex Japanese Twinsu Vibrator - the rotating shaft has pearls and large nubs that massage when used in an in-and-out motion -and it lights up too! There's also the Butterfly Japanese Vibrator which also lights up and has a rabbit stimulator that provides amazing sensations, while the Pixie Plus Japanese Vibrator features an angled head for G-spot stimulation, and hundreds of tickling nodules. The angled head moves up and down, and you can control the speed and intensity separately from the vibrations. The Pixie Plus has the added bonus of an attached vibrating egg with a uniquely styled suction sleeve. They've thought of everything!

    All of the Vibratex Japanese vibrators are have a superior build quality and their long-lasting, quiet motors make them the choice for the quality-conscious. Each vibrator is made of 100% Elastomer, which is kinder to your skin than conventional jelly vibrators.

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