1. Great Sex Advice From Violet Blue

    American journalist Violet Blue is a woman of many talents, not least running the website Tiny Nibbles, which is chock full of useful sex advice. As a sex columnist and editor, she has a refreshingly straightforward approach to talking about many topics, usually involving trying things out for herself and reporting back to her readers. This sort of honesty makes for great reading and also is inspiring for trying out new things.

    Violet Blue breaks her site down into a few headings - For Couples, Fellatio, Cunnilingus and the like - and within those categories provides a big list of articles she's written that cover virtually everything you'd want to know. Probably not a good idea to read this website at work, unless you have very broadminded bosses. Definitely a good idea to read it when you get home and share it with your Significant Other…

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