1. It's Not So Easy Buying Sex Toys In Zimbabwe

    Next time you pop online to purchase the latest sex toys from Lovehoney, spare a thought for the folk in Zimbabwe who not only have to put up with a nightmare government but have to smuggle their toys into the country too. Karen Lewis at South Africa's Mail And Guardian Online gives a heartfelt insight into the lengths she had to go to in order to get hold of a humble dildo.

    One thing led to another, which included a few years of intense activism during which I kept on thinking that the Men in Dark Glasses were going to come searching for subversive materials and in their ferreting would find my assorted sex toys.

    Definitely not an ordeal I wanted to go through so, for a while, I hid both Roger and Dave [her dildos' pet names!] under a bougainvillea in my garden. But fearing that the gardener would keel over dead on discovering strange objects I flung them into another homeowner’s refuse bin on the side of the road one dark night.