1. Dildos That Make Music And Nice Souvenirs

    From the land of tulips and clogs comes two brilliant ceramic dildos, part of the Dutch Souvenirs project. One of these on your mantlepiece, tastefully decorated as it is with suitably Dutch motifs, will certainly be a conversation starter. (See We Make Money Not Art for photos and more info).

    There's also the quite lovely looking tuning fork dildo, which has the all the appearances of a Philippe Starck creation.They have this to say about it: "This ingenious tuning fork dildo brings new meaning to "making beautiful music together." The dildo has a smooth insertable end that is solid and great for g-spot play, and a tuning fork end that makes bell-like sounds that pleasantly vibrate when struck with the plastic wand." Deeply clever stuff.

    We can't offer you either of these at Lovehoney, but we have got a huge collection of dildos.