1. Pump It To The Max!

    The Lovehoney Super Sex Toy Sale continues apace with hundreds of great items at bargain prices to keep you happily occupied during the chilly winter nights. For the gentlemen, there's the Measure Up Performance Pump going at 50 per cent off its original price, designed to stimulate and exercise your manhood - the perfect naughty gift from a significant other.

    And if you want to go super deluxe in the pump department, we've also got Dr Joel Kaplan's Medical Vacuum Pump System, also at a crazy 50% off for the best pump on the market. Enhance your sex life and resolve impotence and premature ejaculation with this amazing pump, all the while increasing your length and strength. These won't stay on our shelves for very long at this price, so get your order in today - we'll throw in free shipping on it as well!

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