1. Flour In Condoms Results In Jail Over Christmas

    If you're going to America, be very careful what you've got in your luggage. Over-zealous customs officials turned one poor woman's Christmas into a nightmare after finding flour-filled condoms in her luggage which were incorrectly identified by lab tests as cocaine. The condoms were a silly stress-reliever made by Janet Lee and her friends during their exams. Sheesh.

    "She was a freshman on an academic scholarship at Bryn Mawr College, preparing to fly home to California for Christmas, sleep-deprived, with questions from a calculus exam still racing through her head.

    In the space of a few hours on Dec. 21, 2003, Janet Lee landed in a Philadelphia jail cell, where she would remain for three weeks, held on $500,000 bail and facing 20 years in prison on drug charges.

    All over flour found in her luggage.

    "I haven't let myself be angry about what happened, because it would tear me apart," Lee said. "I'm not sure I can bear to face it… . I'm amazed at how naive I was."

    That naivete, she said, began when screeners at Philadelphia International Airport inspecting her checked luggage found three condoms filled with white powder. Lee laughed and told city police they were filled with flour. It was just part of a phallic gag at a women's college, she told them, a stress-reliever, something to squeeze while studying for exams.

    The police didn't find it funny. They told her a field test showed that the powder contained opium and cocaine.

    A lab test later proved the substance was flour - and no one now disputes that Lee is innocent, including the prosecutor."

    Here in the UK, we've got stacks of flour-free condoms for you to choose from and be delivered to your door. No reason to go anywhere near an airport…