1. Cute Sex Toys

    The popularity of I Rub My Duckie, the essential bathtime companion, shows that people love cute sex toys. If you want to add a few cuddly toys with wicked secrets to your home, we've got several going for a song in our super sex toy sale. Besides the classic Duckie, there's also the I Rub My Devil Duckie, with our favourite waterborne chum dolled up in devil gear but still looking cute; Horny Honey Vibrating Bear Furvert, a plush toy bear that gets jiggy when you press him in the right place; Mini Vibrating Honey Bee, a plastic toy that's perfect for your honey pot; and let's not forget the Bunny Humper Vibrating Furvert, which lasts as long as the Duracell Bunny and is a lot more fun…

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