1. Older Women Have Better Sex

    Toronto Star: "A recent survey by the U.K.-based Health Plus magazine found 77 per cent of female respondents over 40 enjoy sex more in their 40s than in their 20s. In total, 69 per cent said they felt more sexually adventurous and 45 per cent said they had a greater sexual appetite.

    Call it confidence, call it experience, but whatever you call it, it's good news. Annie Sprinkle is someone who knows more than a bit about sex at 35 and older. She's a sexologist, porn-maker, former porn star, former prostitute, performance artist and author of Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex (Penguin Books).

    At 51, she is often disappointed by the pornography currently on the market, largely because of the ages of performers.

    "I have absolutely no interest in seeing 18-, 19-, 20-year-olds having sex," she says. "To me, they don't know anything. They're crap lovers. They're just starting out!""

    Blimey. See - you should pay attention to your elders and betters. Failing that, you could always get hold of sexpert Tracey Cox's excellent book Hot Sex which will give you the real deal on having great sex. There's also a whole range of official Tracey Cox sex toys to go with her great books too.

    [Original link found via World Sex News]