1. Last Minute Christmas Presents

    Are there still presents you need to buy for your loved one this Christmas? Got sick of going to the shops? There's still time to order online from Lovehoney to get your gifts to your door before Christmas. You'll need to specify that you want Express Delivery, which costs a bit extra, but is well worth it to save you the hassle of dealing with the High Street madness. But hurry - you need to get your order in today by 4pm - and you have to getting the goodies delivered in the UK too. See our Delivery page for the full rundown. When you go shopping on Lovehoney for sexy gifts, lingerie, the new range of official Tracey Cox sex toys and books or any of the other hundreds of great stuff we've got, please make sure it's in stock before you order - it'll say so on the product page. That way you can make sure Christmas morning will put a smile on the face of your loved one…

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