1. Why Women Orgasm - And How To Get More

    World Sex News points us to a good article by Ann Regentin at Clean Sheets on why it's wrong to think the female orgasm is elusive. Her argument is that girls can have orgasms as quickly as boys - but the female body's just not designed to orgasm during intercourse itself. Here's a snippet:

    The only reason why the female orgasm is said to be elusive is because most women cannot come during intercourse. The thrusting of a penis in a vagina usually doesn't do it, and even when it does, it rarely does it all of the time. The exact number of women who can come consistently through intercourse alone, without any additional clitoral stimulation, varies depending on the study, but it could be as low as 6%. It's not a question of masculine endurance or technique, just a physical quirk so rare that it could be said to be abnormal.

    This is the real cause of the angst, though, and the primary definition of female sexual dysfunction. It's not that women can't come; it's that they don't come when or how men want them to. Millions of men have agonized over their performance and millions of women have berated their lovers or themselves all because of something that no technique or duration of penetration can change….Fingers, tongues, or vibrators applied to the clitoris are the best tools for inducing female orgasm, and this should be good news because dicks are notoriously temperamental.

    Indeed they are. Which is why you need to equip yourself with a panoply of Girl's Best Friends - consider it a Christmas present for yourself.

    If you click through to read the full article (which we recommend), be aware that Ms Regentin uses some fairly fruity language. Just in case that sort of thing's not your cup of tea.

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