1. Sex Toy Supermarket: Lovehoney!

    Huge UK supermarket chain Asda have started selling the Durex Play range in their stores, reports The Sun, with the classic headline "Now shopping at Asd-aah". Tesco's have been doing the same - clearly they're all mad for Durex's great range of sex toys. We're not sure we'd want to get these in with our regular weekly shopping with everyone scrutinising the contents of our baskets at the check-out, so it's just as well that Lovehoney sells the entire Durex Play range online which you can have delivered discreetly to your door. Brilliant!

    We feel duty bound to remind you at this point that AXM magazine memorably described our gay sex toy superstore Cock Locker as "ASDA for your anus". Quite hard pressed to follow that…

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